What We Offer

Continuous Ink Jet Printing

J-Pak has successfully represented Linx Printing Technologies for the past 21 years. LInx CIJ printers are proven world-wide to increase productivity while significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

Food coding and marking, directly onto the surface of the food requires special equipment and specialist food grade inks. The robust design also ensures that the system can cope with long periods of printing production codes onto food and its packaging.

Dairy products require CIJ printers that provide reliable solutions in fast-paced environments, and also minimize possible downtime. The Linx 5900 is especially designed to work in harsh environments, with the systems Full Flush* maintenance technology this means that you will have trouble free start-ups every time.

Beverage manufacturer’s often choose the high speed Linx 7900 printer, which has the ability to code onto bottles accurately at high speeds.

Cosmetic and Toiletry product code integrity is vital to the industry. The anti-counterfeiting and discreet coding solutions from Linx have the ability to protect brands in these industries. Linx products can also use pigmented inks and L/V readable inks for product identification, thereby ensuring that the printing codes hold their integrity during harsh production processes.


  • Linx have developed technology to help change over inks and fluids without wasting a drop.
  • The Linx software packages also help you to manage your production line remotely, either from your personal PC or mobile device.