What We Offer

Hot Foil Cable Printing

Taymer has taken the cable length measurement meter technology developed for cable hot foil printers and wire marking machines, and developed a dedicated wire measuring counter and cable length measurement machinery and wire length measuring devices including turnkey cut to length systems.

Taymer’s high accuracy in cable length measurement meters is critical to understanding your costs and to customer satisfaction. Taymer’s cable length measurement meter solutions include cut to length systems for heavy cable, as well as small gauge wire length measurement.

Taymer also provides respooling equipment for automated cable length measurement payoff and takeup of cut to length cable measurement. Taymer’s cable length measurement systems includes a dedicated velocity indicator and a cable length measurement count indicator.


• Taymer’s hot foil printing technology is ideal for bright, clear, high quality cable marking on tough-to-mark-on surfaces like Cross Linked Polyethylene, Nylon and Teflon.

• Hot foil printing is a very durable method of cable marking, well suited for outside plant cable marking.

• Due to the flexible design, some models can print on top and bottom of the cable, as well as metric and footage