What We Offer

Laser Marking

Linx CSL10 and Linx CSL3

Scribing laser systems

The Linx CSL10 and CSL30 laser coders offer you the most flexible solution for applying simple or complex codes, onto a range of line speeds and materials, and are designed for your individual requirements.

Linx has over 20 years of laser coding experience and operates an extensive laser portfolio across a truly global platform: thousands of Linx laser products are installed globally, and the Linx CSL10 and CSL30 laser coders are available in over 26 languages.



  • We produce highly reliable systems that require minimal intervention for continual effective coding
  • The Linx laser tube life is one of the longest on the market at up to 45,000 hours* and this is achievedby the way we optimise the laser for your application
  • Our expertise is backed by a team of support andservice technicians, who will ensure that your Linxlaser coder is running efficiently and effectively, 24/7
  • We also provide you with complete solutions,including guarding, fume extraction, and line installation kits.

Powerful coding for now and tomorrow

  • The powerful processor allows printing of large amounts of complex, variable codes onto high speed lines.
  • Simpler applications are easily catered for, with the flexibility to increase print or line speed as your coding requirements change
  • Code onto wide web applications e.g. multiple lines of products.
  • Simple code creation with the LinxVision® touch screen.

Linx lasers integrate into more applications

  • The detachable marking head with quick disconnect cables makes integration into production environments easier – even in tight spaces – and reduces servicing time.
  • With the largest range of configurations of marking heads, lens and tube options, the Linx lasers can be fine-tuned to your specific application.
  • Multiple beam delivery options allow for coding in any orientation choice of flexible conduit lengths for easy installation if the power source is not nearby.
  • Choice of flexible conduit lengths for easy installation if the power source is not nearby.