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MPERIA Lite Controller – Software Compatibility Update

MPERIA® Lite is Matthews Markings System 7” low cost entry level controller for the MPERIA® platform. Sharing most of the functionallity and exibility of MPERIA Standard range of controllers, it’s built on hardware that is more limited than the Standard controllers.

To be able to keep adding new functionallity and to continue the evolution of the MPERIA®, we are now moving our software development to a more modern platform that is not supported by older MPERIA® Lite controllers.

This means that these older MPERIA® Lite controller will no longer receive feature updates beýond MPERIA® version 6.3.x. We will continue to support the older controllers with bug xes if needed.

All generations of MPERIA® Standard, MPERIA® Standard HE and the currently sold MPERIA® Lite Generation 3 is
not aected by this limitation.

As part of introducing this change we are oering our partners a limited-time trade in program for MPERIA® Lite Generation 2 controllers purchased within the last 12 months.

Returning an undamaged and fully functional MPERIA® Lite generation 2 controller P/N 133907.01 / P/N 41058017 with serial number 2950-3499 will give a 50% discount on an order for a new MPERIA® Lite generation 3 controller (P/N 41058017).

Any licenses installed on the returned controller will be transfered to the new controller free of charge.

The return of the old controller is managed through the normal RA procedure and the RA number received is used as a reference on the new order. This offer is valid until 2018-06-15.

For further information please contact your Matthews Marking Systems sales representative.