What We Offer

Filling Machines

ULF-Tec comprises of an International team of highly experienced specialists designing custom- tailored filling machines that provide solutions for your every need.

Ulf-Tec’s wide range of tried-and-tested filling machines are versatile, durable, and highly reliable.

Adaptable and Flexible

The greatest strength of the ULF-Tec filling line Is its modular design guaranteeing major flexibility with extensive controllability of all routines. That’s why it can handle a wide variety of package sizes just as easily as different materials. This machine also features the optional equipment of a detailed computer control system.


Quality design in the control system

The Siemens state-of-the-art control equipment ensures functional reliability, durability, and global availability.


  • Intelligent self-cleaning mechanisms.
  • Low-wear aluminium design.
  • Pneumatic technology.
  • Centralised lubrication.
  • Simple access to all. service areas.
  • Special reinforced tapered gear, shafts andbearings.
  • Functional, low material consumption, and long

service life with versatile applications.