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The in-line Teltek weighing systems have integrated data collation to weigh, sort and handle products moving along the production line, complete with automatic reject or grading.

Combine Teltek C60 with a price applicator, a metal detector or both or let the checkweigher control your filler to achieve a lower level of give-aways. Teltek C60 is simple to use with an easy to understand large 15″ VGA menu display. The function keys are integrated on the display which eliminates the need of external keyboard.

Product changes and alterations in product details can be made quickly and easily with a minimum of downtime. The software supplied as standard includes a 250 article register with room for tare, nominal weight, upper and lower weight limits, TU2, and conveyor speed. Other menus permit adjustments of sorting signals, selection of a variety of printouts and diagnostic testing.