What We Offer

X-Ray & Camera Systems

X-Ray Units

Eagle X-Ray inspection units are capable of detecting a variety of defects and contaminants, regardless of shape, size or location in the product, or type of packaging.

Eagle X-ray units have been used to inspect castings for the automotive industry for many years. The technology is ideal for detecting faults such as cracked or broken parts and welding defects. Eagle X-ray inspection is also suitable for a range of other automotive industry applications, including the inspection of complex assemblies and micro electromechanical systems, and the inspection of coatings and features within catalytic converters.

Detection of contaminants in products includes glass shards; metal fragments; mineral stone; some plastics
and calcified bone. Eagle also offers the MDX X-Ray unit (material discrimination x-ray), which detects historically undetectable materials such as rubber, flat glass, and bones.

Camera Systems

Taymer’s camera vision systems for inspecting wire, cable, pipe, tube and similar products are used in many plants all over the world.

These systems include the Surface Inspection system, Print Verification system, Band Inspection system, Color Verification system and Lump and Neck-Down Inspection System. The Surface Inspector is the only camera based inspection system capable of detecting surface defects while displaying and analyzing every square millimetre of your product.

The Surface Inspector (SI) series vision systems
have been designed to work on a variety of products including: cable jacket, pipe, bar stock or tape. Surface defects include pinholes; bulges; neckdowns; surface blemishes; discolorations; tape mis-wrapping; wrinkles; tears and much more.