LINX Continuous InkJet Printer(CIJ) Continuous InkJet Printer (CIJ) from LINX are one of the most frequently chosen marking & coding solutions globally. LINX Continuous InkJet Printers allow fast and durable coding and marking, whilst being easy to operate and flexible to install across a variety of environments. The greatest benefit of Continuous InkJet Printer (CIJ) systems is that they can print on virtually any surface such as plastic, PVC, metal, glass & wood, in any direction and at an angle, ensuring products are coded and marked to adhere to the highest international standards of compliance. Using high velocity ink droplets, a continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) system allows for rapidly print high-contrast, durable messages and multiple lines at extraordinarily high speed. This is achieved through no-contact printing and is the most affordable and reliable method to print real-time variable information, such as dates, batch or barcodes, on individual products. This is possible regardless of porosity, size, shape or texture of the substrate or packaging, all whilst the products move along the production line. With concealed, easy-to-clean printheads, error-free touch-screen control and simple self-service capability, LINX continuous inkjet systems provide an easy to clean, cost-effective and efficient solution compared to similar industrial inkjet printers on the market. This offers industrial operators greater efficiency, reliability and ease of use, increasing production uptime and allowing greater throughput on the production line.

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