Drop On Demand (DOD) printers are a type of inkjet printer that creates ink droplets when required, allowing for precise and accurate printing. DOD printers are known for their large character printing capabilities. They are often used in applications that require printing on a range of substrates, including plastic, metal, and paper. DOD printers can also be used for printing variable data, such as barcodes and serial numbers. In low resolution also known for their robustness and high IP-rating. One of the benefits of DOD printers is their versatility. They can print on a variety of substrates, including those with glossy and matte finishes. DOD printers are also relatively low maintenance, as they do not require continuous ink flow or cleaning of the printhead. However, DOD printers can be slower than other types of printing technology up to 140m/min. Additionally, DOD printers can be more expensive than other types of inkjet printers, but a lower running initial cost. Overall, Drop On Demand printers are a popular choice for applications in dust/wet/abrasive environments and printing on a range of substrates, including secondary and tertiary packaging.

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