Teltek checkweighers, an international market leader since 1984, based in Sweden and represented by J-Pak in South Africa, offers a world-class range of dynamic automated solutions that can be customised for your individual needs. Teltek checkweighers evaluate the weight of products, ensuring that the weight of the finished packaged product is within specified limits that conform to the relevant standards, regulations and production metrics. Over or under weight items that are outside of these parameters are removed from the line automatically, guaranteeing correctness, ensuring compliance and saving you money through optimized filling, with automated feedback systems and reporting.

Teltek checkweighers are able to weigh in excess of 500 items per minute, depending on sizing and accuracy and can be combined with other quality control equipment to enhance total product compliance. Checkweighers also enable automatic price and weight labelling, streamlining the production process. Complete production statistics on weights are available, with Checkweighers registering the weight of every package as it passes through on the production line.

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