LINX 7900 – Continuous Ink Jet

The Linx 7900 continuous ink jet offer advanced additional features as standard, providing value for money with no hidden costs. The intelligent ink system enables up to 9000 hours between scheduled service intervals.


- J-Pak
Description Code Linx
500ml Black Gen Purpose Ink FA91010 AS91010
500ml Black Plastic Adherent Ink FA91014 AS91014
500ml Yellow Pigmented Ink FA91039 AS91039
500ml Black Wet Process Ink FA91055 AS91055
500ml White Pigmented ink FA91069 AS91069
500ml Black Fast Dry Ink FA91240 AS91240
500ml Thermochromic Black to Blue Ink FA91291 AS91291
500ml Solvent FA91505 AS91505
500ml Fast Dry Solvent FA91512 AS91512
500ml Thermochromic Solvent FA91545 AS91545
500ml Wet Process Solvent FA91555 AS91555
500ml MEK Solvent FA91590 AS91590
500ml Black Ink FAC1010 ASC1010/0.5L
500ml Black Plastic Adherenterent Ink FAC1014 ASC1014/0.5L
500ml Black Wet Process Ink FAC1055 ASC1055/0.5L
500ml Black grease penetrating Ink FAC1063 ASC1063/0.5L
500ml Linx Yellow Pigmented Ink FAC1079 ASC1079/0.5L
500ml UV Readable Ink FAC1121 ASC1121/0.5L
500ml Black Fast Dry Ink FAC1240 ASC1240/0.5L
500ml Thermochromic Black to Blue Ink FAC1291 ASC1291/0.5L
Description Code Linx
1L Solvent FAC1505 ASC1505/1L
1L Fast Drying Solvent FAC1512 ASC1512/1L
1L Thermochromic Solvent FAC1545 ASC1545/1L
1L Wet Process Ink Solvent FAC1555 ASC1555/0.5L
1L Solvent FAC1563 ASC1563/1L
1L UV Readable Solvent FAC1590 ASC1590/1L
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