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The modern pharmaceuticals industry uses high-speed production lines requiring fast printers and coders that must keep up. Our CIJ and laser coders can be installed in any high-speed production line without compromising quality. The ability to code in any orientation makes installation simple with minimal impact on your existing workflows. Long flexible CIJ conduits allow printhead positioning into most production line setups, whilst articulated arms and compact marking heads on our lasers make integration into your pharmaceutical line quicker than most, reducing your downtime and the need for retro-engineering of your production line to accommodate new coders.

We offer a pharmaceutical coding range with printers and inks specifically designed around the needs of pharmaceutical companies. Our coders can meet your requirements for high line-speed environments, very small code printing, food grade inks for ingestible products, and cost-effective manufacturing. Our range of specialist inks allows pharmaceutical products to be safely and effectively marked. Food-grade inks can be used to mark ingestible products, like capsules, or UV-readable inks for anti-counterfeiting measures.

Ensure that your pharmaceutical coding solutions are within the requirements of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) - consider the best technologies for your production environment, product, and complexity of code.
Best   Technology   For The Task
TelTek C60
  Teltek C60 is a technical advanced checkweigher and is built for high demands regarding accuracy, reliability and good possibilities for communication. The C60 is built to work in a big variety in production environments. Teltek C60 is built on our platform Teltek C to guarantee high accuracy in high speed of production.

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Linx TT500
Thermal Transfer Overprinter
  The Linx TT 500 have been developed To provide a market leading range of thermal transfer overprinters to help reduce total cost of ownership & increase production line output via increased uptime, speeds and further improved ease of use. The Linx TT 500 thermal printer will grow your business by performing up to expectation.

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Linx 8900
Continuous Ink Jet
  built based on an industrial printing design that keeps ink waste at a minimum. This ensures cost-effective printing and coding for sensitive pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Recommended   Applications
Face Masks
Latex Gloves
Capsule Sheets
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