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Printing and coding on wood in the manufacturing industry, what is the best solution?

Most products need barcodes to be eligible for sale in retail stores. This is true even for engineered wood products. Wood products like Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Plywood, and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) need relevant barcodes. High-resolution thermal inkjet printers powered by the MPERIA® platform are the perfect solution to phase out labels and print on your engineered wood products!


What are the problems involved with labels and wood?

Major fines can be given to engineered wood products that are not labelled or are labelled incorrectly with unreadable codes.

A big reason why labels and wood do not work is because labels don’t adhere well to the wooden material. The dusty boards and environment make it hard for labels to stick adequately.

The costs involved with the labelling process include the actual preprinted labels, the label applicator equipment maintenance (machines need to be kept running for production) and the storage of labels. This all adds up and creates more costs that you don’t need to have. There is also production line downtime when operators have to swap label stock. This slows down the manufacturing process, which needn’t happen if you had the right coding equipment.


What is the solution for printing codes on wood?

Basically, labels and wood just don’t meld together seamlessly. That is why we suggest your manufacturing business use thermal inkjet printers that print directly on the substance.

Directly coding onto wood products can eradicate the risk of unlabelled products on retailers’ shelves. With these marking and coding solutions, you will get clear and clean-looking barcodes with relevant information. This solution eliminates the need for labels and has a positive impact on the downtime created by using labels.


Let’s talk benefits… What benefits would you be receiving with thermal inkjet printers powered by MPERIA®?

With the use of TIJ printers, you won’t have to think about labels again! Say goodbye to pesky labels that don’t stick, and don’t worry about labels falling off and causing you to pay fines. Barcodes will be printed consistently and effortlessly onto the engineered wood products.

Procure big savings and more productivity as you won’t need to manage your label inventory, have storage, or waste time replacing and replenishing stock. With TIJ printers, you can add your unique product information such as branding and marketing, QR codes, graphics, and anything else relevant.  Integrate PLC systems as well as I/O integration and built-in ink consumption calculation to keep up-to-date and on track with the processes.

With this coding solution, it will increase your output and efficiency as you won’t have as many problems to deal with. Thermal Inkjet printers have proven to be a cost-effective alternative to continuous inkjet and thermal transfer printers.

Interested in getting rid of labels? Contact us for your industrial coding and marking equipment! J-Pak has reps throughout the country that would be more than happy to assist you. You can contact us at for any assistance.

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