Fume extraction is the process of removing harmful fumes and particulates from the air. It is commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, welding, and electronics to protect workers from exposure to hazardous substances. Fume extraction systems typically use filters or other types of air purification technology to remove harmful fumes from the air. These systems can be designed to extract fumes from a specific area or from an entire building, depending on the application. One of the benefits of fume extraction systems is their ability to protect workers from exposure to hazardous substances, which can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation, and other health issues. Fume extraction systems can also help to reduce the overall risk of fire and explosion in industrial settings. Another benefit of fume extraction systems is that they can be customized to fit specific applications and budgets. They can range from simple portable units to complex integrated systems that are designed to meet specific regulatory requirements. Overall, fume extraction systems are an important part of workplace safety in industries that use hazardous substances. They can help to protect workers from exposure to harmful fumes and particulates, while also reducing the risk of fire and explosion.

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