The largest recognised contaminant in many production industries is identified as metal. The frequent and significant use of metal in all stages of processing results in traces or remnants often being found in both ingredients and final products. Fundamental to a companies reputation is its ability to guarantee the quality of its products and that they are free from metal contaminants. Industrial metal detection is thus a fundamental and essential part of any production line to locate and ensure removal of metal contaminants before final packaging of the product for sale. Industries specifically requiring industrial metal detection include baked goods, fruit and vegetables, red meats and poultry, confectionaries, cereals, diary, fish, rice & grain and many more. Fortress Technology, international specialist industrial metal detector manufacturers since 1996, represented in South Africa by J-Pak, have focused on superior product design and engineering enabled through superior quality equipment with greater sensitivities. Combination quality control equipment solutions are also possible, with industrial metal detectors often combined with Checkweighers and Label Applicators. Industrial metal detection is focussed on three core groups of metal contaminants that are found in many production environments: Ferrous metals such as carbon steel, cast iron and wrought iron Non-Ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium, lead, zinc, silver, gold and titanium Stainless Steel contaminants Industrial metal detectors generally take on the format of three basic types: Horizontal industrial metal detector search heads, usually mounted on conveyor systems for the inspection of items such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, meats and bread Pipeline industrial metal detectors for pumped products such as beverages, sauces, soups, dairy and other fluid or semi-fluid type products Vertical Fall (often referred to as Gravity) industrial metal detectors are generally used for dry products such as powders, grains and granules. Fortress industrial metal detectors follow the belief and philosophy of simple operation, outstanding reliability and exceptional performance. With the commitment of NEVER OBSOLETE, the latest technology can quickly and economically be field installed in detectors built over 20 years before. Parts, software upgrades and reporting capabilities, supported by a global service network for the life of the metal detector ensures that your industrial metal detector purchase remains compliant with the latest food safety initiatives, without having to repurchase.