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The benefits and versatility of Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO)

Thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) has revolutionized the printing industry by providing a swift, precise, cost-effective coding solution. The versatility of TTO is a testament to its vast array of benefits that cater to different industries.

Thermal transfer overprinting creates high-quality, high-definition marks, codes, and images by transferring ink onto a flexible substrate from a coated ribbon. The ribbon is coated with either a wax-resin compound or just resin, depending on the coding requirements. TTO printheads have small resistors that rapidly heat the print area, transferring the relevant colour to the surface of the substrate. With the accurate fast on/off action, it ensures that the heat causes no damage to the substrate.


What are the applications and uses of TTO technology?

Thermal transfer overprinting is compatible with a variety of substrates, including plastics, foils, films, paper label stock, flat packaging, and low-density polyethene shrink-wrap, among others. This flexibility makes TTO an excellent choice for printing on an assortment of surfaces and a valuable asset for businesses with diverse labelling requirements.

This technology is capable of printing a range of information such as prices, date and time codes, barcodes, QR codes, logos, and ingredient or other mandatory information. This is an ideal solution for companies operating in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and many other industries where accurate and reliable labelling is critical.

One of the key advantages is that TTO can be used for both continuous and intermittent printing, which makes it suitable for a wide range of challenging applications. The difference between TTO and direct thermal printing is that direct thermal printing does not use a ribbon in the printing process. However, leading thermal transfer overprinting machinery is engineered to use only a minimal amount of ribbon, reducing wastage and providing a modern and economical coding solution.


The benefits of thermal transfer overprinting

The advantages of implementing thermal transfer overprinting for your business are numerous and can have a significant impact on your operations. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from using this technology:

  1. High-Resolution print quality: TTO offers exceptional print quality with high-definition marks, codes, and images. The small resistors on the TTO printheads, which rapidly heat the print area, result in clear-cut, detailed prints. This makes TTO ideal for printing small fonts, barcodes, and graphics with excellent legibility and clarity.
  2. Real-time coding of fast-moving products: In industries where products move quickly along the production line, such as the food and beverage industry, real-time coding is essential. Thermal transfer overprinting allows for high-speed printing, making it possible to code fast-moving products in real-time. This ensures that your products are correctly labelled and compliant with regulatory requirements.
  3. Optimum water-fastness: The durability of TTO printed labels and codes is excellent, especially in environments where moisture or water is prevalent. Thermal transfer overprinting provides optimum water-fastness, making it ideal for industrial label printing and coding.
  4. Compatibility with wax resin and full resin: TTO is compatible with wax-resin compounds and full resins, making it possible to print on a variety of materials such as polypropylene. These coatings increase the durability of the prints, ensuring that they withstand harsh environments and maintain legibility for an extended period.
  5. Solvent-free printing: TTO is an eco-friendly solution as it does not require solvents during the printing process. This eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals, making TTO a perfect solution for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and comply with environmental regulations.
  6. Low cost of ownership: TTO has a low cost of ownership due to the optimal use of ribbon. The minimal amount of ribbon used in the printing process reduces wastage and extends the lifespan of the ribbon, resulting in lower operational costs.

If you are considering implementing thermal transfer overprinting for your business, we have the experience and knowledge to assist you in selecting the perfect machine for your requirements. Our team of experts can provide you with a range of options to meet your specific needs and ensure that you get the most out of this cutting-edge technology. Choose thermal transfer overprinting for a fast, precise, and cost-effective coding solution for your packaging and labelling line.

Contact us at to speak to one of our knowledgeable reps about putting thermal transfer overprinting into your production line and they will answer any questions you may have.


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