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Thermal Injet Printer - J-Pak

Thermal Inkjet Printers can save you money and improve the manufacturing process!

Matthews Marking Systems supplies thermal inkjet printing systems with the support of the MPERIA® automated marking and coding platform. This system prints directly on cartons which eliminates pre-printed boxes and labelling systems. Easily imprint your company’s logo, product information, expiration and lot coding on each case with this simple and highly functional thermal inkjet printer and controller system.


How does the thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer work?

Matthews Thermal Inkjet Printers are used for marking packaging like cartons, corrugated boxes, and tray packs. It also has the capability to print on wood products or other porous surfaces.

The thermal inkjet printer is mounted on the operator’s existing case sealer. Then with the MPERIA® controller, the printhead is instructed to code all the necessary information. Information such as quantity, product data, company branding, best-before date, and lot codes.

Everything can be printed on corrugated boxes at a high resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch. Marking occurs upon each box’s ejection from the case sealer at rates of up to 10 boxes per minute. This is very quick and should speed up your production line and the manufacturing process.

The MPERIA® platform is there to help the operator easily select whatever pre-programmed data format they require. This platform helps to eliminate any errors with inputting incorrect data or information. With this system, you can print in multiple languages, and you don’t need operator training to easily perform message creation and printing. The MPERIA® platform also supports the growth of manufacturing by being able to sustain future production increases.


The big why? Why choose TIJ Printers for your marking and coding?

Installation of TIJ printers takes less than a day. The maintenance of these printers is incredibly low. Manufacturers only need to refill ink cartridges when depleted (this is a quick process that only takes 10 – 20 seconds). Only occasional cleaning is needed to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Matthews MPERIA® driven thermal inkjet systems can save costs on labels, the storage costs, the related waste, and most of the corresponding manual labour needed to encode, print, and apply the labels. Remove costs from your production process by replacing pre-printed boxes or labelling systems with direct carton marking.

With these benefits, you will have massive savings when using the Matthews MPERIA®-driven thermal inkjet system. With no operators needed and no downtime because of labelling, manufacturers will see a return on investment and more efficiently run manufacturing processes. Reduce your annual consumables and labour costs with this system and watch your business run as effortlessly as ever.

For assistance with supplying your business with thermal inkjet printer systems, you can contact us at We would love to help you set your business up for the most efficient trajectory!

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