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What is Checkweighing

What is Checkweighing, and why is it necessary in the food industry?

Every business in manufacturing wants its production line to be smooth and efficient. One way to guarantee that products are going out as they should is to have Checkweighing in your production line. Checkweighing combines product weighing and inspection to supply quality assurance for the products made in manufacturing. Ensure your products and business comply with trading standards, decrease waste reduction, and identify contaminants.


How do Checkweighing machines operate?

Checkweighing works by using a set limit weight that you have programmed into the machine. Each set limit will be the amount a product should weigh, and the product weight will be compared to this limit. The machine weighs the product and checks if it is over or under the set limit, or just right!

Most Checkweighers will have an indicator to show the reading of the weight and a series of conveyor belts. The conveyor belts are vital for a fully efficient and functional production line. The conveyor belts consist of a reject belt, a weight belt and an infeed belt. The reject belt is responsible for sorting incorrect-weight products away from the production line, so anything that is not the right weight does not carry on through the line. The weight belt is mounted onto a load cell to weigh the products against the set limit. The infeed belt feeds the products through the checkweigher and controls the speed or distance between batches before being weighed.

Checkweighers can be placed in several positions throughout the production line to optimise manufacturing. It can be used in the pre-production, after the final production process and to check the weight of packs of products. Placing it at the pre-production position will certify that the right amount of ingredients are in place for the production process. Positioning the machine at the end of the process will ensure a final check to make sure the weight is correct on the products going out. Weighing the packs of products is necessary to confirm that the right combined weight has been reached for a shipping pallet.


What are the benefits of having a Checkweigher?

A Checkweigher will ensure that all the products moving through the production line have consistent weights. This is particularly important if the product has food packaging and labels that specify the specific weight it should be. This consistency will make sure you are meeting the safety and compliance standards.

Consistency and ensuring uniformity with the products produced will help meet customer expectations and manage the costs per product. Checkweighers also function as another form of an inspection system. If a product does not meet the weight set limit, it could mean that there is a contaminant or additive that shouldn’t be there. This means the quality of products will remain constant, which protects the brand’s reputation and reduces the chance of expensive product recalls. Products that contain contaminants could be harmful to customers, which is a bad situation that all companies want to avoid.

Adding Checkweighers to your line production will optimise the production process by checking that each product is the right weight. This will reduce waste and prevent mistakes from occurring, which will help keep running costs down and increase profit margins. Checkweighers enhance productivity and improve quality, which means a higher ROI, cost reduction and faster turnaround times.



Checkweighers are integral for your production line.

The precision of Checkweighers is a guarantee that your production will run smoothly. If there is a weight disturbance with any products, the machine will pick it up and remove the product from the production line. This guarantee is vital for any business in the manufacturing industry because you want assurance that each product that leaves your facility will be exactly what it should be.

Checkweighers are not only used in the food manufacturing industry, they can also be used in almost any manufacturing facility at every stage of the process. They are compatible with other processing machines, such as metal detectors, and are compatible with existing convey belts to seamlessly integrate into the production line.

The benefits associated with installing a Checkweigher are abundant and will keep your production line running without issues. Your business will benefit by having reduced running costs, reduction in waste, guaranteed compliance with standards and controlled consistency.

You can learn more about Checkweighers used in the manufacturing process from J-Pak.

Get in touch with us for more information on what checkweighers we offer and how they can assist your business. Email [email protected] and phone +27 011 825 0300.


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