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Continuous InkJet Printing – why are CIJ Printers vital in the food manufacturing industry?

Linx Continuous InkJet (CIJ) Printers are the most frequently chosen devices for printing, marking, and coding. CIJ Printers were specially designed to print on practically any surface – like plastic, PVC, metal, glass, and wood.

The reason printing codes are vital for food production and manufacturing, is that there are non-negotiable codes that need to be on all products by law. Heavy fines can be implemented for batch and date codes that are not up to industry standards and aren’t readable or printed correctly.


What to consider when choosing CIJ printers

You need to understand exactly what your CIJ Printer needs to do, what environment it will be working in and what inks need to be used. Choosing the right ink and printer will be vital for the codes to be printed correctly and come out as they should.

  • Medium being printed on – Think of the array of varied materials you will need to print codes on. Each medium will need a different type of ink so that the codes adhere properly. You can ask for samples coded by the printer you are considering to help you make your choice.
  • Line speed – Your printer needs to be able to code and mark at the same speed as your line speed. It is also smart to consider if your line speed will increase and if the printer you buy can perform at higher speeds.
  • Environment you are printing in – You need to make sure the CIJ printer you choose can deal with harsh environments. Ensure your printer and ink can cope with greasy environments, plastic film, sterilization, oil, and other situational factors.
  • Costs – Don’t be tempted to buy a printer based on the cheapest pricing. You must factor in the reliability of the printer and how much savings you would incur based on efficiency and organisation. Reliability is a crucial factor as breakdowns in your factory can cost you a lot of money, so a reliable CIJ Printer will save you in the long run.


Why Linx CIJ Printers are the best choice for the food manufacturing industry

LINX Continuous InkJet Printers allow fast and durable coding and marking, while also being easy to operate and stable in the harsh environments of any factory. These printers are made to be versatile and print in any direction and at an angle, ensuring products are coded to the highest international standards of compliance.

Using high-velocity ink droplets, a CIJ system allows for rapidly printed messages and multiple lines at high speed. This is achieved through no-contact printing and is the most affordable and reliable method to print information.

These printers can print regardless of the porosity, size, shape or texture of the substrate or packaging, all whilst the products move along the production line. Giving you efficiency and functionality that adds to the momentum of your factory.

More benefits include:

  • Easy-to-clean printheads
  • Touch screen control that is solvent and alcohol resistant
  • Self-service capability
  • Simple user interfaces with built-in mistake proofing
  • Quick change fluid cartridges
  • Unique efficiency reporting


What are the benefits of Linx CIJ printers?

Linx’s experience in the food industry translates into coders that are perfectly suited to the demanding, difficult environments of factories. Their exceptional customer service and remote capabilities are greatly beneficial. If anything does go wrong, you know that it will be fixed, and the problem will be resolved in an efficient and prompt manner.

Having a CIJ printer for your coding and marking will create reliable production, improved output and maximise uptime for your business.

For more information or to speak to one of our knowledgeable consultants, visit our website at We would love to help you make the best decision for your business!

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