What We Offer

Drop on Demand

Matthews is a leader in the design. Integration and Implementation of Drop-on-demand marking systems for effective printing of traceability codes onto a variety of products.

From Inventory and quality control applications to regulatory compliance, branding and product Identification solutions, Matthews has the industry experience and technical know-how to get the Job done.

Product Traceability Is a major concern for the food, beverage, household, and chemical communities.
In the event of a product recall, public safety and health can be at risk. Manufacturers need the ability to quickly and positively identify and Isolate all suspect products in the supply chain. Without readable bar codes, human readable production dates and lot numbers, product recalls are difficult, if not impossible, to manage.

Matthews offers a variety of different ways to code, from small character inkjet for date, time, and lot info, to high resolution inkjet for precise barcodes and graphics. From the primary package to the shipping carton, Matthews can recommend the marking solution to fit your products with a wide selection of porous and non-porous inks.


  • Standard Series print heads produce a medium resolution mark, with character heights from 3mm to 63mm, offered in either 7,16 or 32 valve printheads.
  • With a variety of controllers, print heads, and inks that are available to choose from, Drop-On- Demand printing Is suitable for many different products. Regardless of whether your products are packaged in aluminum cans; glass; plastic bottles; jugs; foil pouches; corrugated tray packs; wax-coated cartons; paper and plastic bulk bags; or shrink and stretch wrap films.