What We Offer

Labelling, Print & Apply

United Barcode Systems design and manufacture industrial automatic systems for labelling, coding and marking, as well as comprehensive Automatic Identification solutions.

Secondary packaging print and apply labelling Is done In real time. In order to achieve optimisation In all production processes, the automation of each phase of the production stage Is crucial, as fs the solution adopted, and the machinery selected to carry out the task.

With the UBS API Series, the label Identification phase of the secondary packaging can be automated with maximum security and precision, guaranteeing an optimum result. Each label applied provides information in real-time on production cycles. Inspection, warehousing, quantities, product types, and so forth.

UBS P&A system allows the integration of the best print engines In the market with 203 to 300 dpi resolution: Sato, Datamax or Zebra.

The APL Series End-of-line labelling systems provide the versatility that you need to be able to label your secondary packaging and pallets according to your specific requirements.

No production cycle Is complete without a correct end-of-line identification that complies with the EU traceability and labelling regulations currently in force.

The UBS labelling systems and services meet the needs of clients operating In the most differentiated of Industrial sectors, making It an easy task to adapt to the demands of a highly competitive, dynamic market.



Barcode, label design, editing software, easy to use, multilingual options and enables you to see on the display screen exactly what will appear on the document (WYSIWYG).

Permits line parameters configuration, speed, print hand, orientation, and delay.
You will not need to order labels, tickets or cards as the UBS labellers allows you to print your labels on your own, when you need it.