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Metal Detecting

The Fortress Phantom Metal Detector is a popular multi-purpose system available in aluminum or stainless steel with a wide variety of aperture sizes.

Fortress systems provide a complete range of metal detection solutions to satisfy the unique needs of the Food and Beverage Industries, including: Free fall. Pipeline, and Large bag applications, whether your products are dry or wet, liquid, powders, meats, tablets or grains, packaged In sacks, boxes, plastic, or glass.


For larger sized products between 50-100 lb {25-50 kg). Fortress Large Bag Metal Detectors are utilized. Popularly known as the “Big Bag King“, the system is able to detect 2.0 mm stainless steel in most bulk packs-an industry leading sensitivity level. Fortress offers the complete all-in-one detection solution with an integrated Vector Conveyor system.

Where bulk product is free-falling. Gravity metal detectors can be Incorporated into an existing process. The Gravity system Is normally utilized for Bulk product {such as flour, rice, cereals). The product under test is gravity fed through a pipe system and travels through the detector’s aperture. Gravity systems typically include an automatic reject system to remove contaminated product from the flow.

Pipeline systems are utilized when product is unpackaged and conveyed through the production process in a pipe. Due to the wet product application, Pipeline metal detectors are equipped with BSH Rugged Casing and Stainless Steel construction for IP69K certified protection. Pipeline systems are generally inserted Into an existing process line at the last possible point. In the majority of cases these products are pumped liquids and pastes however, the same principles can be used for other applications where product is dry and blown through a pipe (sausage meats for example).


  • This Metal Detector Is built rugged to withstand the harshest applications. For heightened stability and performance in wet product applications,
    the IP69K certified BSH Extra Rugged Casing Is utilised and an epoxy chute provides a complete waterproof seal on IP69K rated units.