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What is a production line?
A production line is a set of sequential operations established in a factory where components are assembled to make a finished article or where materials are put through a refining process to produce an end-product that is suitable for onward consumption Typically, raw materials such as metal ores or agricultural products such as foodstuffs or textile source plants like cotton and flax require a sequence of treatments to render them useful. For metal, the processes include crushing, smelting and further refining. For plants, the useful material has to be separated from husks or contaminants and then treated for onward sale.
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J-Pak supplies a wide variety of quality control, coding and marking equipment supported by our our internationally trained technicians. We supply all consumables and spares.
Weight Price Labeling

Combining Teltek's checkweighers with a price and/or weight labeling system, you can automatically label your products with necessary information, such as; weight, price, barcode and information concerning allergens. Manual labeling is both time consuming and leaves room for human errors.Teltek's user-friendly solution will save you both time and money, as well as reduce the risk for incorrect labeling.

  C80 WPL  
The C80 Checkweigher
Ensure Accurate Weight, Everytime
High precision, high speed! Teltek's C80 is our most advanced checkweigher. It enables you to use up to four weighing systems controlled by a mutual software. With this checkweigher solution, you can perform parallel dynamic weighing with maximal overview and control. Teltek C80 checkweigher can be connected with filling machines and detection equipment. It supports data collection and can generate advanced statistics of production performance.
Key Benefits
  Windows Operating System     15" Touch Screen     Up to 500 products a minute
  Advanced statistics     European MID Approval
The D43 Label Applicator
Apply each label perfectly, everytime
A warning alerts the user before the label roll need to be replaced. All applicator models are automatically folded away and the media sensor is opened when changing label roll. A special designed air nozzle eliminates the need of a "blow pipe". The clean and open design makes change of paper roll straight forward and simple. After each time the print head has been lifted, the media sensor is automatically adjusted to secure correct label position on every package
Key Benefits
  The small size makes the D43 ideal for integration in various production lines or packaging machines. Software integration is fast and straight forward with the Evolabel communication protocol.
  100% of the label size is printable thanks to centralized label path and automatic rewind of each label. This also makes it quick and easy to change between various label widths
Suitable Applications
For The Checkweigher Label Applicator
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