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J-Pak has become a leading service company that offers 24/7 support and the most reliable, robust and competitively priced equipment in the market.

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What is a production line?
A production line is a set of sequential operations established in a factory where components are assembled to make a finished article or where materials are put through a refining process to produce an end-product that is suitable for onward consumption Typically, raw materials such as metal ores or agricultural products such as foodstuffs or textile source plants like cotton and flax require a sequence of treatments to render them useful. For metal, the processes include crushing, smelting and further refining. For plants, the useful material has to be separated from husks or contaminants and then treated for onward sale.
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J-Pak supplies a wide variety of quality control, coding and marking equipment supported by our our internationally trained technicians. We supply all consumables and spares.
Print & Apply
Thermal Printing
Print and apply a label directly to your product or package
No Adjustments
The solid aluminum chassis is machined as one piece for perfect alignment of label and transfer rollers, print head etc. This eliminates the need for any mechanical adjustments and secure high quality printing over time.
Thermal Transfer Applications
The thermal transfer technology is commonly used in applications where the labeled product has long life time, is stored long time or exposed to tough handling. Examples are pharmaceutical applications, car industry and other non-food production. With the Evolabel T43 you are secured an excellent readability of the barcodes also after long storage.
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