What We Offer

MPERIA™ Controllers

The Mperia controller platform manages multiple print and machine technologies including: high resolution pleu Ink jet, high resolution thermal ink Jet, and drop-on-demand valve Ink jet – all from a single Interface.

The Mperia allows you to manage messages and settings for multiple printers across one or several production lines.

Automation integration functions for scanners, material handling control, and custom GUI’s are also available. Seamlessly Integrate with your ERP systems and databases to reduce coding errors and improve productivity. Remote control functionality alleviates operator error and efficiently coordinates multiple printers simultaneously. Connect via Ethernet, simple command line interface over

its serial port, or wirelessly. MPERIATM can be remotely controlled by Virtual Network Computing, enabling central message management and remote diagnostics.


  • The controller Is available in three different base models. The right one for you depends on the size of your production run and your anticipated printing requirements, as well as budget.
  • The MPERIATM Standard H.E. has the same capability as the MPERIATM Standard, and offers a 15” touchscreen in an IPGS stainless steel enclosure making It suitable for harsh environments.